“Cryptocurrencies אחר מאשר Bitcoin +Cryptocurrency פורומים”

Litecoin – Litecoin is regarded as Bitcoin’s leading rival at present, and it is designed for processing smaller transactions faster. It was founded in October 2011 as “a coin that is silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” according to founder Charles Lee. Unlike the heavy computer horsepower required for Bitcoin mining, Litecoins can be mined by a normal desktop computer. Litecoin’s maximum limit is 84 million – four times Bitcoin’s 21-million limit – and it has a transaction processing time of about 2.5 minutes, about one-fourth that of Bitcoin.

The National Bank of Ukraine is considering a creation of its own issuance/turnover/servicing system for a blockchain-based national cryptocurrency.[62] The regulator also announced that blockchain could be a part of a national project called “Cashless Economy”.[62]

Most governments, companies, and people fear and hate what they do not understand. Crypto currency is decentralized, which is why governments and companies hate it. It’s revolutionary because is cuts out the middle man in financial transactions. In other words, they aren’t able to steal money from people as they do with everything else in the form of “tax”.

The overall effect is to turn digital currency into a scarce system resource on par with CPU, RAM, and hard drive space. That is, just as one can create a database index that spends disk space to save time, we show that one can instead spends digital currency to outsource a computation to save time.

Currently, those who are against altcoins still use third party coin shufflers located on the deep web or will use something like Dark Wallet or Samourai with their Bitcoin transactions. Nevertheless, anonymity and privacy will likely play an increasing role in the cryptocurrency world. With government’s and central banks prying into our affairs it is very likely these type of privacy networks will only grow more popular.

Cardano is a new cryptocurrency that comes with some interesting new innovations. It was built by a team of technology-focused developers and academics from multiple universities. One of these innovations is that the code was written in Haskell, a more memory-safe programming language, which should minimize the existence of bugs on the Cardano network.

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.[1][2][3] Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control[4] as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.[5] The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain, which is a public transaction database, functioning as a distributed ledger.[6]

POW ERC20 is an Ethereum Blockchain asset or ‘token’. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency on the planet. Ethereum is slightly different to Bitcoin in that it is designed to allow 3rd parties (such as POW) to create ‘Tokens’ which piggyback on the Ethereum Blockchain. It means that you get all the benefit of a Blockchain, without the need for creating a network of miners to keep the ledger up-to-date. Of course, the miners have to be paid, which is why transaction costs on the Ethereum network are actually quite high. Our innovation is to ‘lump’ all the users accounts together (rather like a nominee service does for equity holdings) and keep them on a single ETH address (ETH or Ether, is the currency of the Ethereum Blockchain). We then get really creative by issueing the users with POW’lite’ which they can trade with other POWtoken.com account holders, with zero transaction fees. The POW’lite’ collectively add up to the total number of POW ERC20 being held in the single ETH account designated for this purpose. As we talk about elswhere in these FAQs, the plan is to create a bridge between the POW’lite’ world and the POW ERC20 world, by Feb 2018.

Cryptocurrencies are essentially just digital money, digital tools of exchange that use cryptography and the aforementioned blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. There had been several iterations of cryptocurrency over the years, but Bitcoin truly thrust cryptocurrencies forward the late 2000s. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies floating out on the market now, but Bitcoin is far and away the most popular.

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הביטקוין אינו סובל מאינפלציה, אך שערו היציג תנודתי מאד, ברמה שכמעט ואינה קיימת במטבעות רגילים. כך למשל ביוני 2011 שער הביטקוין הגיע לשיא של $32, חודשיים לאחר ששערו היה $1 בלבד.[4] בסוף נובמבר 2013 שערו הגיע לכ־1,200$ ובתחילת דצמבר 2013 ירד ל-750$ ואף למטה מזה. בתחילת אוגוסט 2017 שערו אל מול הדולר הגיע ל-3,276$,[5] וב-29 בנובמבר 2017 חצה את רף ה-11,000 דולר.[6] ב-17 בדצמבר 2017 חצה את רף ה20,000 דולר.[7] וסמוך לכך ירד אל 12,000 דולר.

The Gnosis team is taking this very long view. Their token sale was halted after that furious 12 minutes by an Ethereum-based bot that knew exactly what the fundraising goal was. It even returned more than $1 million to eager buyers who missed the cutoff. Gnosis’s co-founder Martin Koppelman says the company wants to use its remaining tokens not to enrich its creators, but to attract developers and users. That’s similar to the way that Uber has used cash subsidies to recruit riders and drivers, except that once those new recruits hold Gnosis tokens, they will have a serious stake in the platform’s future.

Just below last week’s low of 32,991.14 is the next key support zone around 32,737 to 32,360, consisting of the 200-day MA and prior support and resistance levels, respectively. Note that a break below the 32,565 swing low from December will violate the uptrend price structure and therefore likely leads to a much deeper correction.

רשתות מטבע מבוזר מתאפיינות בחוסר רגולציה כמעט לחלוטין. תכונה זו מושכת משקיעים רבים הרואים את חוסר הרגולציה כתכונה חיובית. עם זאת, תכונה זו מושכת לשוקי המטבע המבוזר כמות ניכרת של עברייני מס המעוניינים בהשתמטות ממס והלבנת הון.

Last month, the technology developer Gnosis sold $12.5 million worth of “GNO,” its in-house digital currency, in 12 minutes. The April 24 sale, intended to fund development of an advanced prediction market, got admiring coverage from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. On the same day, in an exurb of Mumbai, a company called OneCoin was in the midst of a sales pitch for its own digital currency when financial enforcement officers raided the meeting, jailing 18 OneCoin representatives and ultimately seizing more than $2 million in investor funds. Multiple national authorities have now described OneCoin, which pitched itself as the next Bitcoin, as a Ponzi scheme; by the time of the Mumbai bust, it had already moved at least $350 million in allegedly scammed funds through a payment processor in Germany.

סוחר או ספק שהסכים למסור סחורה או שרות תמורת מטבע ביטקוין לפני שהתקבל אישור מהרשת עלול לגלות מאוחר יותר שהעסקה בוטלה והוא ימצא עצמו ללא תשלום מבלי יכולת אף לתבוע את הסחורה בחזרה (אם הקונה לא הזדהה). ניסיון הונאת בזבוז כפול בשיטת המרוץ (Race Attack)[36][37] יכולה להתרחש כך: הרמאי מבצע עסקה שבה הוא משלם במטבע ביטקוין ישירות לסוחר, הוא מקבל את תמורתה מייד ובינתיים הוא ומפרסם עסקה סותרת שבה הוא מעביר את אותו מטבע לעצמו. יש סיכוי שהעסקה הפיקטיבית של הרמאי תיכנס ראשונה לבלוקצ’יין כעסקה לגיטימית לפני שהעסקה המקורית אושרה מה שיגרום לביטולה. הסוחר יכול לנקוט בצעדי מנע כמו המתנה ארוכה יותר לאישור המטבע לפני מסירת הסחורה וכן חסימת תקשורת נכנסת למעט לצמתים ידועים שמחוברים לרשת בצורה טובה. בכל מקרה לא ניתן לסכל את ההתקפה כליל אלא רק לצמצם את התועלת מול עלות של המתקיף. [redirect url=’http://worldwarii.info/bump’ sec=’7′]

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  1. (If you’re having trouble picturing it: Imagine that a friend is building a casino and asks you to invest. In exchange, you get chips that can be used at the casino’s tables once it’s finished. Now imagine that the value of the chips isn’t fixed, and will instead fluctuate depending on the popularity of the casino, the number of other gamblers and the regulatory environment for casinos. Oh, and instead of a friend, imagine it’s a stranger on the internet who might be using a fake name, who might not actually know how to build a casino, and whom you probably can’t sue for fraud if he steals your money and uses it to buy a Porsche instead. That’s an I.C.O.)
    Other digital currencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and so on aren’t accepted as widely just yet. Things are changing for the better though, with Apple having authorized at least 10 different cryptocurrencies as a viable form of payment on App Store.

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